NWLRC held their Limit Show on 10/2/2013
Our Judge Mrs Margaret Barker ( Deerbrook)
BIS Williamson’s Sharouns Illusionist JW
RBIS Manning’s Overmarsh Third Official.
BOS Balshaw & Rawlinson Shanorrel Splendour at Halshimoor .
BPIS Williamson’s Rocheby Nina Riche at Sharoun’s
RBPIS Cook’s Exelby Rennie Macintosh
BVIS Hartley’s Suley’s Sunshine

Judge Margaret Barker
Best In Show Williamson’s Sharouns’ Illusionist
Reserve Best In Show Manning’s  Overmarsh Third Official
Best Puppy In Show Williamson’s Rocheby Nina Riche at Sharoun’s
Reserve Best Puppy In Show Cook’s Exelby Rennie Macintosh
Best Dog Williamson’s Sharoun’s Illusionist JW
Reserve Best Dog Manninng’s Overmarsh Third Official
Best Puppy Dog Cook’s Exelby Rennie Macintosh
Best Bitch Balshaw & Rawlinson’s Shanorrel Splendour at Halshimoor
Reserve Best Bitch Smalley’s Glenmoss Solitair
Best Puppy Bitch Cook’s Exelby Terra Rosa


First Mcmillan’s Exelby Task Force
Second Cook’s Linnburnhead Brodie’s Boy at Exelby


First Cook’s Rennie Macintosh
Second Oxley’s Crankross Jack Brown
Third Macmillan’s Exelby Task Force


First Cook’s Rennie Macintosh
Third Ireson’s Crankross Courtier at Tarnfell
Reserve Gannaway Jones Mossland Money for Nothing
VHC Wagstaff Hafnau Regan


First Ayres Ludalor Moon Explorer at Musubi
Second Cook’s Exelby Rennie Macintosh
Third Oxley’s Crankross Jack Brown
Reserve Ireson’s Crankross Courtier at Tarnfell
VHC Wiiliam’s Lynkevann Bright Star


First William’s Sharoun’s Incognito
Second Balshaw&RawlinsonShanorrelEntertaineratHalshimoor
Third Proctor’s Penkaric Masquerade
Reserve Long Baldev’s Rockerfella
VHC Holcroft’s Holcroft Top Gun


First Long’s Balcrist Rogue Stae at Baldev’s
Second Proctor’s Penkaric Masquerade
Third Bilsland Hollyvale Huntsman
Reserve Concannon’s Gowanvale Wenningale Warrier
VHC Cook’s Exelby Rennie Macintosh


First Williamson’s Sharoun’s Illusionist
Second Cook’s Rennie Macintosh


First Manning’s Overmarsh Third Official
Second Ayres Musubi Imperial Topaz
Third Baron’s Harrop Apollo
Reserve Holcroft’s Holcroft Top Gun
VHC Concannon’s Richbourne Moment in Time at Gowanvale

Veteran D or B

First Hartley’s Suley Sunshine
Second Ireson’s Crankross Endeavour at Tarnfell
Third Smalley’s Suley’s Sunbeam over Glenmoss
Reserve Thompson’s Meadowline Marmite
VHC Dodd’s Trendlewood Ruby Tuesday

Results for Maureen Wikinson Special Stakes D or B

First Jones Lembas Jar of Hearts
Second Ireson’s Crankross Courtier at Tarnfell
Third Standley Lancastria Morag
Reserve Thompson Meadowline Midsomer Martha
VHC Wagstaff Hafnau Regan


First Cook’s Exelby Terra Rosa
Second Barrett Shaymiloney Sabine


First Williamson’s Rocheby Nina Riche
Second Cook’s Exelby Eleese
Third Oxley’s Crankross Lulu Black
Reserve Jones Lembas Jar of Hearts


First Jones Lembas Jar of Hearts
Second Johnston Wenningdale Ellie May


First Armitage Pixie Lotte at Drouhai
Second William’s Lynkevann almost there
Third Cook’s Exelby Terra Rosa
Reserve Johnston’s Wenningdale Ellie May
VHC Hooper’s Baldev’s Renaissance at Balcrist


First Smalley’s Glenmoss Solitair
Second Williamson’s Sharoun’s Kinky Boots
Third Smith & Oulton Oulsmi Over to You
Reserve Thompson Meadowline Mary Contrary
VHC Mannings Overmarsh Four Paws


First Artingstall’s Hightrevoron State Affair
Second Thompson’s Liquorice Miss
Third Mott Lancastria Gypsy Moon
Reserve Mannings Omerland Summerdream with Overmarsh Sh CM
VHC Gannaway-Jones Scarisbrick Showgirl with Mossland


First Bilsland Hollyvale Hoity Toity
Second Cook’s Exelby Eleese
Third Thompson’s Meadowline Midsomer Martha
Reserve Chapman’s Fennyfold Spring Flower Lady
VHC Mott Lancastria Gypsy Moon


First Balshaw&RawlinsonShanorrelSplendouratHalshimoor
Second Dodd Brockburrow Breaking Dawn
Third Manning’s Overmarsh Third Avenue
Reserve Cook’s Exelby Eleese
VHC Johnston’s Gowanvale Carrie