NWLRC Rules and Regulations for Field Trials

1 The NWLRC trials are held under kennel Club Rules and Field Trial Regulations. Should circumstances so dictate, the NWLRC in consultation with the judges may alter arrangements as necessary. Any changes will be reported to the Kennel Club.
2 Bitches in season will not be allowed at the trials
3 The Club reserves the right to refuse entries
4 A Novice stake is confined to dogs which have not gained the following awards first, second, third, or fourth, in a 24 dog Open Stake, or a first, second, or third in a 12 dog Open Stake, or first in an All Aged or Novice Stake.

5 For the Open Qualifying Stake preference in the draw will be given to dogs which have gained a first, second, third, or fourth award in a 24 dog Open Stake, or first, second, or third in a 12 Dog Open Stake, or first award in an All Aged or Novice Stake

6 For the All Aged Stake, preference in the draw will be given to any Field Trial award including a Certificate of Merit

7. Entries must be made on the proper form by the appropriate closing date. The dog submitted for entry must beeligibleandproperly qualified for the stake enteredotherwise it will go at the bottom of the running order.

8 Substitution of dogs will be allowed providing the substituted dog has an equivalent qualification for preference in the draw and is eligible for that stake.

9 An owner unable to run must notify the F.T. Secretary immediately by telephone. Failure to notify will mean that all of the entry fee will be forfeit.

10 If a stake is cancelled or void, all of the entry fee will be refunded.

11 The NWLRC cannot accept liability arising from or relating to the running of the trials.

12 Any entrant withdrawing within 7 days of any trial; will forfeit the full entry fee, except for physical injury to the dog, or that a bitch has come into season (either of these reasons needs to be supported by a veterinary certificate) or that the dog has qualified out of novice stakes.

13 Award of trophies is restricted to members, who may hold them until the equivalent stake next season. Members are responsible for the cleaning and the safe return of trophies on time.

14 Preference in the draws in the novice stakes will be given to those members who have not previously been drawn out in any of the current season’s novice stakes.
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