NWLRC 2010 Newsletter

The following letter has now been set out to all members who are registered as interested in FT from the FT Secretary Mr Phil Smithies.

Dear Members

Please find enclosed the schedule, rules and regulations, nomination forms and health and safety information for the four Field Trials the club is holding for the 2010 season.

The club is indebted to our host and guns for their generosity in allowing us to hold field trials on their grounds as to compete in a field trial should be seen as a privilege and not a rite.

Any prizes or gifts for the raffle would be greatly appreciated, or if you wish to help at any of the trials just contact me or any field trial subcommittee member.

A Nomination fee of £2 is required for each application to run and must be returned by the stated closing date together with a stamped addressed envelope (C5 size preferred) or an e-mail address to obtain the result of each draw As nomination fees are non-returnable one cheque may sent to cover all nomination fees.

Entry forms will be sent to everyone who enters the draw and must be returned by those successful in the draw, plus reserves who wish to be contacted if a run is offered to you.
If an entry form is not returned it will be deemed that you do not wish to obtain a run and therefore you will not be contacted.
If you desire confirmation that your nomination or entry form has been received please contact the F.T. Secretary.

The members entry fee for Field Trials remains unchanged and is £25 for Novice and All Aged stakes and £35 for the two day Open Qualifying Stake.

Any entrant withdrawing within 7 days of any trial will forfeit the full entry fee, unless a dog is unfit to run through injury or illness, or that a bitch is in season. This must be supported by a veterinary certificate, or if the dog has qualified out of novice stakes.

Failure to complete the entry form correctly will result in your entry being returned in your S.A.E.
This should included the correct details of dog and owner(s) as shown on the KC Registration, including the registration or stud book number.

Please write name of applicant on the back of the cheque if using a company cheque

Anyone receiving a run in a Novice trial will not receive preference in the draws of later Novice trials

Please send a separate cheque for each entry fee.
Please no telephone calls after 10 P.M.

I wish everyone a successful and enjoyable trialling season and if you are able to compete in one of our trials I hope you will show your appreciation at the end of the day to host, guns and helpers for their generosity in giving up their day so you can run your dog.