Results of the Draw for Chatsworth Novice Stake


KC ID No:1319

Hon Field Trial
Secretary:  Mrs Marilyn Smith.  Glen Avon, Carr Lane, Pilling, Preston

Tel: 01253 790802.  Mob: 07985944501.  email:

25 October 2011 

Result of Draw for Stake 4.
15-dog Novice Stake for AV Retrievers

To be held on the Chatsworth Estate on Friday 18 November 2011

The draw for Stake 4, 15-dog Novice Stake for AV Retrievers on
the Chatsworth Estate was made on Tuesday, 25 October 2011 at the home of the
Field Trial Secretary.  It was witnessed
by: Mr G A Connolly, Mrs D Jenkinson, Mr G Jenkinson, Mr J Thompson, Mrs C
Thompson and Mrs M J Smith.


1  R W Stobbart

2  Brendan Kelly

3  Stuart Thompson

4  Simon Tucker

5  Anita Beal

6  Arthur D Telfair

7  Jennie Dimmock

8  Ian Griffiths

9  Nikki Waddington

10  Trevor Gibson

11  H V Price

12  Lisa Marson

13  Laura Hill

14  J Day

15  Anna Licciardi


16  Chris Allen

17  G & L R

18  Vic Bleming

19  Sinead MacMillan

20  Nathan Laffy

21  Phil Garton

22  Steve McDermott

23Annette Clark

24  Mrs C Finlan

25  Phil Highfield

26  A N Appleton

27  Jane Fairclough

28  Sandra Halstead

29  Tim Brain

30  Peter Thompson

31  A B Cooper

32  Ken Byron

33  Nick Aubrey

34  Sean McGrath

35  Steve Richardson

36  Vivien Byron

37  John Yarwood

38  Greig Paterson

39  S C Jaggard

40  Frank Wright

41  Jeremy Hunt

42  Dave Latham

43  G E Dobb

44  Lisa Partridge

45  Steve Polley

46  Sue Lowe

47  P Owens

48  Mark Demaine

49  Philip Down

50  S Kitson/P Barratt

51  Robert Daws

52  Morag Ritchie

53  N Mercer

54  Jim Scoular

55 A & S Coates

56  Glenn Main

57  S Suzuki

58  Mike Nelson

59  Darren Hope

60  John  Halstead

61  Frank McAdams

62  GlynnSykes

63  Peter Michiels

64  Chris Loseby

65  A N Appleton

66  Peter Michiels

67  Peter Michiels

 Entry forms have been sent to all those who have sent in a nomination for the Stake. 

Entry forms must be
returned appropriately completed, together with the correct fee (Members £25.  Non members £35), by the closing date, 8 November
2011, otherwise it will be deemed that you do not wish to obtain a run and no
further contact will be made.

Please note that for
any withdrawal within SEVEN days of this trial, the owner may be asked to
forfeit the entry fee unless a veterinary letter can be produced.

The meet is at 8.30
am for a 9.00 am start at Edensor Village DE45 or the Chatsworth Estate Office
DE45 1PJ.  These venues are only 50 yards
or so apart.