K.C.ID. No1319


F.T. Secretary: Mrs M J Smith  “Glen Avon”  Carr Lane, Pilling Preston Lancs PR3 6HH

Tel:01253 790802 Mob: 07985944501.  email

Please read and note the General Rules and Regulations attached. All NWLRC Trials are held under Kennel Club Rules and Field Trial Regulations. Should circumstances so dictate the Club, in conjunction with the Judges, may alter the arrangements as necessary. No modification will be made to this Schedule except by permission of the Kennel Club, followed by advertisement in appropriate journals if time permits before the closing of entries. Retrievers which have won a CC or previously qualified for Crufts through a breed class may be entered for the Show Gundog Working Certificate at any NWLRC Trial. The entry fee is the same as for that trial.


Sponsors                This year we again thank SKINNERS DOG FOOD for their sponsorship and there will be prizes from Skinners at our trials.  We must also thank the Guns, who generously support us.

Trophies and Prizes to be awarded will be listed on the card for each stake.

Last year’s winners of perpetual trophies must ensure they are returned in good time to the FT Secretary or to a member of the NWLRC FT Sub Committee.


To enter the draw for any stake, please submit a completed entry form together with two cheques.  One in the sum of £3 for the administration fee (non-refundable) and the second for the appropriate entry fee for the stake being entered.  Please send separate cheques for entry fees for each dog, or if more than one stake is being entered.  As the administration fee is non-refundable, one cheque may be used to cover the fees for all the dogs/stakes entered.  (ie £3 per dog for each stake entered).  All cheques made payable to North West Labrador Retriever Club (NWLRC)

Entry forms for each stake are attached or can be downloaded from the Club’s website.


 Members’ Entry Fees: 1 day stakes =£35.  2 day =£45.  PLUS. – Administration fee £3 per dog for each stake entered.

All cheques payable to NWLRC.


Please send a stamped addressed envelope for the result of the draw or send me your e-mail address.


All draws   will take place at the FT Secretary’s home at 7.30 pm on the stated dates.  Address as above.

Everyone is welcome to observe.


Directions to venues will be sent with the draw.


LIST OF TRIALS 2013/2014                                                                                                                            ENTRIES CLOSE:


1.Tue/Wed 16/17 September                   Open Qualifying Hy Fly Preesall, Lancs                     Fri 15 August 2014

2. Thurs 9 October                                          All-Aged, Meols Hall, Southport, Lancashire          Fri 12 Sept 2014

3. Weds 22 October                                       AV Novice Hoghton Tower Nr Preston  Lancs        Fri 26 Sept 2014

4. Friday, 7 November                                  AV. Novice  Chatsworth Estate, Derbyshire           Fri 10 Oct 2014

Stake1 Monday/Tuesday  16/17 September2014.  24 dog Open Qualifying stake for AV Retriever at Hy Fly Game Farm. 

By kind Permission of Mr Graham Holden and Mr Peter Pedder’s Team of Guns.

Judges: Mr J Castle (A1845), Mr N Black (A299), Mrs L Mitchell (B3153) Mr W Mitchell (B3092).

Preference in the draw in accordance with KC Regulation J7(i)1.

Entry forms, entry fee, administration fee & a SAE (C5 preferred) or e-mail address for draw result required by Fri 15 August.

The draw will take place on Monday 18 August 2014.

Entry Fees :Members £45, Non Members £65.  Plus Admin fee £3 per dog

Meet: 8.30 am for 9.00 am start.  (Directions with draw).    

Stake 2   Thursday 9 October 2014.  14 Dog All-Aged for A.V. Retrievers at Meols Hall, Churchtown, Nr Southport

By kind invitation of Mr Nick Aubrey and Mr Jim Swindlehurst and his team of guns.

Judges: Mr M Newsam (A100), Mr D Haycock (B2624), Mr K Barnes (NP), Mrs C Clarke (NP)

Entry forms, entry fee, administration fee & a SAE (C5 preferred) or e-mail address for draw result required by Fri 12 Sept

The draw will take place on Monday, 14 September 2014


Entry fees:  Members £35, Non Members £45.  Plus  Admin fee £3 per dog

Meet      8.30 am for a 9:00am start (Directions with draw)

Stake 3 Wednesday 22 October 2014.  14 Dog Novice for A.V. Retrievers at Hoghton Tower Nr Preston  Lancashire. 

By kind invitation of Sir Bernard de Hoghton and the Estate Syndicate Guns.

Judges: Mr J Drury (A34), Mr S Tweedy (A144), Mr N Laffy (NP), Mrs L Marson (NP).

Confined to Novice dogs as defined in KC Regulation J3(d)3.

Entry forms, entry fee, administration fee & a SAE (C5 preferred) or e-mail address for draw result required by Fri 26  Sept

The draw will take place on Monday, 28 September 2014.

Entry  Fees:  Members £35, Non Members £45.  Plus Admin Fee £3 per dog

Meet      8.30 am for 9.00 am start.  (Directions with draw.)

Stake 4   Friday 7 November, 2014. 15 dog Novice stake for AV Retriever at Chatsworth Estate Derbyshire

By kind invitation of The Duke and Duchess of Devonshire and the Chatsworth Shooting Syndicate.

Judges:   Mr J W Halsted (A1868), Mrs L Mitchell (B    ), The Duchess of Devonshire (NP), Mr J Benyon (NP)

Confined to Novice dogs as defined in KC Regulation J3 (d) 3.

Entry forms, entry fee, administration fee & a SAE (C5 preferred) or e-mail address for draw result required by Fri 10 October The draw will take place on Monday 13 October 2014.

Entry Fees:  Members £35, Non Members £45.  Plus Admin Fee £3 per dog

Meet at the Chatsworth Estate Office DE45 1PJ.  8.30am for 9.00 am start.

NWLRC FT Rules & Health & Safety Statement attached.   Please note the rules regarding forfeit of fees if a run is not taken up.  Regulation J7.f applies.  This affects rules 11 and 13 of the NWLRC FT rules.  


If more than one entry is applied for, only one entry will go into the first ballot, please therefore indicate which is your first dog.


Please send your completed entry forms and appropriate entry fees , with a separate cheque for the Administration fee  (£3 per dog for each stake entered), together with a SAE (C5 preferred) OR e-mail address for each trial to:- 

F.T. Secretary. Mrs Marilyn Smith, “Glen Avon” Carr Lane, Pilling Preston Lancs PR3 6HH

Tel: 01253 790802. Mobile 0798 594 4501   Email

If a competitor requires confirmation that a nomination or entry has been received please telephone or e-mail the Field Trial Secretary.  (Please ensure email address is legible).

Please use correct form and make cheques payable to NWLRC.

All forms and fees should be returned to the FT Secretary.

Owners should be cognisant of KC FT Rules & Regulations. Dogs must be experienced on game and free of eliminating faults.

The entry form includes a declaration confirming the above, and that the dog is free from contact with infectious diseases.

To receive preference in the draw for Open stake the awards box must be completed. Entry forms must be completed with the correct details of dog and owner(s) as shown on the KC Registration, including the registration or stud book number.





  1. The NWLRC trials are held under Kennel Club Rules and Field Trial Regulations.  Should circumstances so dictate, the NWLRC in consultation with the judges may alter arrangements as necessary.  Any changes will be reported to the Kennel Club.


  1. Bitches in season will not be allowed at the trials.


  1. The Club reserves the right to refuse entries Ref J7(d).


  1. A Novice stake is confined to dogs which have not gained the following awards: first, second, third, or fourth, in a 24 dog Open Stake, or a first, second, or third in a 12 dog Open Stake, or first in an All Aged or Novice Stake .


  1. For the Open Qualifying Stake preference in the draw will be given to dogs which have gained a first, second, third, or fourth award in a 24 dog Open Stake, or first, second, or third in a 12 dog Open Stake, or first award in an All Aged or Novice Stake.


  1. All Aged Stake, Open to all varieties of retriever.  No Field Trial Award is required.


  1. Entries must be made on the proper form by the appropriate closing date. The dog submitted for entry must be eligible and properly qualified for the stake entered.


  1. All dogs resident outside the UK must be issued with a Kennel Club Authority to compete number before entry to the trial can be made.  All overseas entries without an Authority to Compete number will be returned to the competitor.


  1. Preference in the draw will be given to members. Any member whose subscription is in arrears will not receive preference in the draw.


  1. Substitution of dogs will be allowed providing the substituted dog has an equivalent qualification for preference in the draw and is eligible for that stake.


  1. An owner unable to run should notify the F.T. Secretary immediately by telephone.


  1. If a stake is cancelled or void, all of the entry fee will be refunded.

The NWLRC cannot accept liability arising from or relating to the running of the trials.


  1. After an applicant has been successful in the draw for a place in a Stake, or as a reserve has accepted an offer of a run, if the run is not taken up the applicant may become liable for the full entry fee if his or her place is not taken up by another competitor except:- (1) Where the applicant has qualified out of Novice Stakes (where applicable) or (2) Where the dog drawn to run has qualified for the Championship after entries have closed, or (3) On production of a Veterinary Certificate confirming that the dog entered for the Stake is unfit to compete, or (4) On production of a Medical Certificate that the applicant or the applicant’s nominated handler is unable to compete.  (5) Where the dog drawn to run is withdrawn more than 7 days prior to the stake. (Regulation J7.f)


  1. Award of trophies is restricted to members, who may hold them until the equivalent stake next season.  Members are responsible for the cleaning and the safe return of trophies on time.


  1. Preference in the draws in the novice stakes will be given to those members who have not previously been drawn out in any of the current season’s novice stakes.


  1. Judges at a trial are prohibited from entering a dog which is recorded in their ownership or part ownership.
  2. Videography and Photography will only be permitted with the express permission of the Chief Steward and the host.


  1. DOGS IN CARS ON HOT DAYS.  Your dog is vulnerable and AT RISK if left in a vehicle in high temperatures and even on days considered as slightly warm.  Please take care of your dog.  If your dog is found to be at risk forcible entry to your car may be necessary without liability for any damage caused.

         19  WELFARE OF DOGS.  A competitor whose dog is entered at a Kennel Club licensed event should take all reasonable steps to ensure the needs of their dog(s) are met , and should not knowingly put their dogs’ health and welfare at risk by any action, default omission or otherwise.  A breach of this Regulation may be referred to the General Committee for disciplinary action under Kennel Club Rules and Regulations.



Our General Policy is to:-

*Provide adequate control of the Health and Safety risks arising from our activities

*Consult with all those involved in the Field Trial on matters affecting their health and safety
* Provide information and instruction for all those involved in the Field Trial
* Ensure that all those involved in the Field Trial are competent to undertake shooting activities/tasks
* Ensure the safe handling and use of equipment, which may be hazardous to health
* Prevent accidents where possible
* Review and revise this policy at regular intervals

  1. 1.       Responsibilities
    Overall and final responsibility for Health and Safety is that of the Committee of the NWLRC.
    All those involved with Field Trial and shoot activities have legal responsibilities to take care of the health and safety of themselves and others and to co-operate in order to comply with the law.

ALL those involved with Field Trials have to:-
*Be co-operative on Health and Safety matters
*Not to interfere with anything provided to safeguard Health and Safety
*Take reasonable care of their own Health and Safety
*Report all Health and Safety concerns to a member of the NWLRC. Committee

  1. Risk Assessment
    Risk assessments will be undertaken by the Chief Steward and the Steward of the Beat before commencement of the trial.
  2. First Aid
    The First Aid box will be kept by the Chief Steward or a Committee member at the Trial. The Chief Steward will be responsible for reporting any accidents or dangerous occurrences to the NWLRC. Committee.
  3. Anti-Field Sports Lobbyists
    All those involved in the Field Trial should be observant at all times of the risk of malevolent action from anti-field sports lobbyists. If anything unusual is observed, the circumstances should be immediately reported to the Chief Steward, any member of the committee or Gamekeeper who will ensure that the appropriate action is taken, i.e. that the Police or other appropriate authority is contacted.


1      Car Parking and Transport
Where necessary, access to the meet of the Field Trial will be clearly marked with a sign. At all Trials there will be a certain amount of off road driving. At some Trials there may only be access by 4×4 vehicles and some competitors with their dogs, and spectators may be asked to share vehicles, or walk. All competitors and spectators must make their own transport arrangements and the NWLRC cannot accept responsibility for injury, loss or damage to person or property however occasioned.

2      Pre-Field Trial Briefing
The Chief Steward will be responsible for safety, supervision and discipline at the Field Trial.
The Chief Steward will be identified at the beginning of the Trial and will outline safety measures at the Pre-Trial briefing.
All persons attending a Field Trial meeting must consider themselves under the control of the Secretary, Chief Steward and Officials of the Association. Any member of the Committee or attendee must inform the Chief Steward if they see anything dangerous or potentially dangerous, during the course of the Trial.



It is expected that everyone present will comply with the highest standards of safety and sportsmanship with respect to quarry, wildlife and the countryside in general.

Any unsafe or inappropriate behaviour will result in the instant dismissal from the Trial.
Any person under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by an adult.
3.            Weather
                in the case of extreme weather conditions, eg. gale force winds, poor visibility due to fog or heavy rain, the Field Trial              may have to be cancelled. In hot, dry conditions on heather moorland to minimise the risk of fire, there will be a                request for No Smoking.

4.            Topography
The ground used for our Trials is varied and challenging. Ditches, fences, stiles and streams have to be negotiated.  The ground is often rugged and at times walking may be difficult.
There is thus an element of risk with slipping or tripping. It is recommended that suitable footwear is worn and appropriate clothes according to the shooting custom; also a reasonable level of fitness is required. The NWLRC cannot accept responsibility for injury, loss or damage to person or property however occasioned.

5.            Gun Safety
Depending on which Trial is taking place, there will be 4-8 guns. The people carrying guns are very experienced in gun safety. It is the NWLRC policy that insurance cover and security of shotguns is the responsibility of the individual shooting at the Trial.