Kennel Review – Application Form

If you wish to be considered for inclusion in the kennel review, please complete the form below.

Terms and Conditions

  • The North West Labrador Retriever Club and Honorary Editors accept Kennel Reviews in good faith. It is not possible for The North West Labrador Retriever Club and Honorary Editors to check every submission. Members are strongly advised to check every claim made in the Kennel Reviews before making a decision or taking any action.
  • Kennel Reviews are accepted with the assurance that all necessary copy right and permission has been secured in respect of the use of any photograph contained within.
  • Opinions expressed in the Kennel Reviews are not necessarily held by the Club or Committee.
  • Anyone wishing to place a Kennel review must be a fully paid up member of the Club. Anyone wishing to join the Club should contact the Secretary for details and an application form or you may download one from the website.
  • The North West Labrador Retriever Club reserves the right to decline any Review without assignment or reason.
  • Reviews are to be submitted to celebrate the success of Labradors in the Show ring, Field or any other activity. It is not the purpose of these Reviews to advertise puppies, forthcoming litters or Stud dog services and no reference should be made to these and the Honorary editors reserve the right to edit out any such references. It is acceptable to refer to wins gained or titles achieved.
  • Each Review will contain an option for 2 photographs and text in a set format (usually jpg) which is to be completed by the Club Member before it is submitted to the Honorary Editor for checking.
  • The placing a Kennel Review may be by members only and is completely free of charge with a maximum of 5 dogs per Kennel Review.
  • Each page can be altered or amended every 3 months at no cost.
  • The Kennel Review pages will stand for 12 months. At the end of the 1st 3 months the Club Member has the option to change all or part of the page if so desired. The page will then remain live until it is changed or lapses.
  • All correspondence between the Honorary Editors and the Club Member will be via e-mail.
  • Kennel Reviews will appear in “Affix” alphabetical order. In the event the Club member does not have an Affix then the page will appear in the order of the Dogs Kennel name.
  • The Kennel Review submission will be checked and if agreed it will go live on the web site. Every effort will be made for Kennel Reviews to go live with in 2 weeks of submission.