NWLRC Working Test Result – Open

The NWLRC were pleased to be able to hold an Open Test at Buxton on Sunday 19th April 2009 with the kind permission of Mr Robert Hall and the results are below:


By kind permission of Mr Robert Hall, Edgemoor Farm
Judges were:- Nigel Rowson, Derek Capel, Martin Eayres, and D Probate

Weather conditions:- Cloudy to Start Becoming sunny and warm

1st Waterford Fergus, Handled by Jane Coley
2nd Dalvoulin Fraser of Drakeshead, Handled by John Halstead
3rd FTCh Garronpoint Liffy, Handled by Annette Clarke
4th FTCh Waterford Easter, Handled by Jane Coley

Certificate Of Merit were given to:-

No 3 Lamaload Dana
No 23 FTCh Garrethall Morse of Heathergaye
No 28 Nevillebriar Casper
No 31 Minstead Scribbs