Working Test 2 Results

Conditions for the day were good, dry, sunny but a chill wind over the hill!


1st    Tweedshot Titus            Handled by      John Drury
2nd    Rimrock Teddy            Handled by      Brendan Kelly
3rd    Gosberry Glenmorangie Handled by     John Yarwood

COM’s went to:
Rimrock Hurricane     Handled by     Andy Latham &
Pippenshaw Orchid handled by Anna Licciar

1st    Stormcock Adora      Handled by      Peter  Michiels
2nd    Leader Blue              Handled by      Mike Nelson
3rd    Rimrock Teddy         Handled by      Brendan Kelly
4th    Kenmillix Sandgrouse Handled by     G. Sykes

Garagill Nizam        Handled by     Gordon Hodgson.
Garronpoint Deveron   Handled by    Vikki Stanley

1st    FTCh Settador Drummer         Handled by        Vikki Stanley
2nd   Knockcunnier Feast                 Handled by         Vikki Stanley
3rd    Emmanygan Imp of  Jaycote    Handled by         Lisa Marson

Congratulations to all.