Available Puppies

Puppies currently available through the North West Labrador Retriever Club Puppy Register are listed below. Please can you contact Puppy co- ordinatorsr Ginette Oulton  when you have re-homed  all your pups so we can update the register .


 APPLICATION FORM I am a member of the North West Labrador Retriever Club, and have paid my annual subscription to date. Both the sire and dam of my litter are hip scored and hold current clear eye certificates. I hereby agree to abide by the aforementioned Breeders’ Register Code of Ethics, also to the Kennel Club General Code of Ethics and to the Breeding and Sale of Dogs (Welfare) Act 1999. I enclose copies of hip and eye certificates of sire and dam of litter, if the information on the Kennel Club’s Health Check website is not up to date. I would be grateful if you would accept my application for inclusion on the Breeders’ Register regarding the following puppies for sale:-