NWLRC Working Tests Results 2012

North West Labrador Retriever Club

Puppy, Novice & Veteran Gundog Working Test 2012

Saturday 5th May 2012 & Sunday 6th May 2012

The 2012 gundog working test’s took place at ‘Pine Woods’ near Clitheroe
by kind permission of the United Utilities, and was sponsored by Skinners. 


Our thanks go to the judges, these being Mrs Sandra Halstead, Mr Barry
Cooper, Mrs Carole Clarke and Mr Nathan Laffy for judging the Puppy Novice and
Veteran on the Saturday, and Mr Kevin Brady, Mr Barry Cooper, Mrs Carole Clarke
and Mr Nathan Laffy for judging the Open on the Sunday.  All of the judges did a wonderful job, taking
time out to give constructive feedback and advice to the competitors, which was
extremely welcome.


We were very fortunate to have the club’s Vice Chairman, Mr Chris Ayres
with us over the weekend.  Chris was a
great help to myself and was kept busy all weekend with various jobs helping
the judges with their individual tests.
Chris also very kindly presented the winning individuals with their
trophies / prizes at the end of each day, so special thanks to Chris for help
very much appreciated.


I would also like to take this opportunity for thank all of our
helpers.  They made a great team and as
always, without them, the working tests just wouldn’t happen. These people give
up so much time to assist in the smooth running of the working tests and they
did an absolutely fantastic job. We even roped in a couple of the ‘show side’
ladies, who had come to watch on the Sunday, I think they enjoyed the
experience helping out on the trialing/ test side of the club.  Special thanks also to my husband Lee, who was
a great help to me before, during and after the event.


11 dogs entered in the puppy test, 22 in the Novice and 5 in Veteran on
the Saturday, whilst 26 open dogs ran on the Sunday.  Saturday was an extremely cold day, even
trying to snow, whilst Sunday was a beautiful day and was even quite warm at
times… Typical British weather eh.  The
ground at Pine Woods can be quite challenging for both handlers and the
dogs.  On both days the tests were run in
safari style with some extremely good dog work taking place.  The tests themselves were challenging and the
feedback from the competitors was that the tests had stretched both their dogs
and their handling skills, but that they had really enjoyed it.


The weekend was a great success and everyone enjoyed themselves.  The winners of the groups were as follows:



1st –  No 7 Garronpoint Ruby

2nd – No 2 Greenbriar Flash

3rd –  No 10 Glenfia Amber

4th –  No 6 Westall Bracken 


1st –   No 11 Rosewildream Robbie

2nd –  No 26 High House Rhun

3rd –   No 18 Summer Origin

4th –   No 22 The Black Enchanted

CoM – No 14 Westmacott Spirit Dancer

CoM – No 17 Glenfia Amber



1st –  No 25 FTCH Garronpoint
Little Dove

2nd – No 27 FTCH Garronpoint Liffey

3rd –  No 24 Clayton Brook Rayn

4th –  No 23 Basswood Tempest 


1st –    No 12 Sealpin Gunna

2nd –   No 7 FTCH Blackfoot Scout
of Minstead

CoM – No 16 Drakeshead Vodka

CoM – No 23 Garagill Nizam